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How AI is Transforming Project Management

How AI is Transforming Project Management
Photo by Mohamed Nohassi / Unsplash

As a project manager, I am eager to witness the impact of AI on project management. Current data shows that only 35% of projects are finished due to the limited technology available for project management. Fortunately, innovators in research, startups, and organizations are exploring AI, machine learning, and other advanced technologies to improve project management. These advancements will bring significant changes to the field by 2030.

AI will improve project selection and prioritization, monitor progress, speed up reporting, and facilitate testing shortly. Project managers will be aided by virtual project assistants to focus their roles on coaching and stakeholder management rather than on administration and manual tasks.
To reap the benefits of project management technologies, organizations must begin by gathering and cleaning project data, preparing their people, and dedicating the necessary resources to drive this transformation.

The CEO of a large telecom provider will soon use a smartphone app to check on her organization's strategic initiatives to see the status of every project, including each team member's morale level and overall buy-in of critical stakeholders.

Soon, AI technology will allow for project self-adjustments based on parameters project managers and their teams set. The app will notify decision-makers of any changes or potential risks and offer solutions for each. This will improve project management efficiency and streamline successful delivery.

Moreover, AI can generate highly complex and accurate schedules and risk logs by analyzing available data. Project managers can create a risk log by explaining the project context through generative AI tools connected to a cloud-based PPM solution. AI populates, categorizes, and ranks the risk log according to context. It could also be asked to write detailed risk descriptions, mitigation steps, and contingency plans, saving valuable time as efficiencies are optimized.

Investing in project management technology now is essential to meet future demands and attain success. AI will revolutionize project management through virtual project assistants, better resource allocation, accurate schedules, and risk logs. It is time to embrace change and make the most of this exciting opportunity to take project management to the next level.